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What To Expect

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An introduction on what to expect from the musings of my mind to this blog.

A lot of the thirteen+ years I spent at was spent on content creation. My guesstimate would be that 40% of my time was spent on ideating, creating, or editing content in the form of: emails, docs, proposals, contracts, decks, videos, etc. In fact, as CEO of a fully distributed team, creating content was one of the most effective ways of getting info out to my team in a fast, concise and clear manner.

Writing, in particular, is an area that I sorely miss since leaving  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of outlining my thoughts in a way that would convince someone of a path chosen. Or developing the right framework for how to handle a problem. Or crafting the perfect messaging for a pitch. Or even just sharing updates — that was meaningful too!  There were so many reasons to write and create that I never thought about doing it intentionally.  The truth was that if I didn’t create, I would simply be an ineffective CEO.

But today, I’m not the CEO of  And so, most of my previous reasons to write evaporated.

This is my attempt to gain back something I love, and, in doing so, making it a bit more intentional than in the past.  

So what can you expect?


This are in order of how likely they are to show up in my content.
1. Commentary, thoughts and ideas that focus on startups, technology, and entrepreneurship.
2. Stories about that are relevant to ideas or topics.
3. Personal updates.
4. Musings about science, space and physics.
5. Missives on politics and philosophy.


I’m aiming for a new post every week.

Why Should You Read It

I have no idea!  If you’re here, it’s probably because you know me personally.  And f you ever asked yourself — “What’s going on in Sachin’s head?” — this might be a way to find out.

Or maybe you know that I was the co-founder and CEO or  You may want to hear about what it takes to build:

Or maybe you know that since I’m no longer at, I can share stuff that founders that are running companies won’t, don’t or can’t share.

Or maybe you have no idea either!  Whatever the reason, I hope to give you some value, some knowledge, and some entertainment.  Enjoy!

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