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Sales Hacks for Startups (Part 2 of 3)

Last week I posted Part 1 of Sales Hacks for Startups where I covered how to Catch People at the Right Time. This week we're digging into Conferences and Events. To give some context to how we think about sales at, I'm reproducing the … [Read more]

Sales Hacks for Startups (1 of 3)

Our Perspective One of the hardest things, arguably, to do at a startup is to sell. And selling isn’t limited to just trying to convince someone to pay you money for your product; it’s a pretty big umbrella. The concept of selling includes … [Read more]

I Found Your Tumblr Son… … [Read more]

Clever Music Video with a Good Beat – Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E – Need U (100%)

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Why I Decided to Spend More Time Working from Home

At we pride ourselves on having a distributed team. In fact our CTO, Andrew, wrote an excellent piece on whether fully distributed teams are viable. Two-thirds of our team is distributed across the US, Canada and Europe. However, we also … [Read more]

Cantankerous Robots, a new blog by Sachin Kamdar

This blog isn't trying to fill a void or attempting to contribute to a niche, rather, it's a simple attempt to let me share some of the things that I find, learn, and wish to comment on. I make no promises to keep this updated regularly, but I do … [Read more]